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Whether you’re a downhill skier, back country skier, snowboarder, or racer, Race Base has 3 unique Wintersteiger tuning machines to give your winter toys a perfect finish. 

SBI Grinder for Skis and Snowboards

Omega SBI Grinder. Click to zoom.

Our first machine is a Wintersteiger Omega SBI Grinder. It’s the ultimate all-in-one ski and snowboard tuning machine. It has the capability to perform base grinding and/or stone grinding and has a built-in computer system to enable us to create specific base structures at the touch of a button for any snow condition.  Our industry-leading machine will help provide you with the best glide possible on your skis or board.

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Wax Jet 92 Ski and snowboard waxer

Wax Jet 92. Click to zoom.

The Wax Jet 92 is a high-end waxing machine and a ski technician’s best friend.  It has a very consistent temperature, which provides excellent full coverage waxing for any type of ski or snowboard and any snow conditions. It does an excellent job of polishing bases to a very smooth finish.

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Wintersteiger Trim B Edger

Trim B Edger. Click to zoom.

The Trim B Edger does a very consistent and accurate job of sharpening both base and side edges. With a range of different sharpening and polishing belts, this machine will provide excellent finishes to standard specifications, or to your requested specifications for side and base edges.

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Learn more about Wintersteiger and its industry-leading ski and snowboard tuning machines. Learn about our ski and snowboard services.